Friday, March 11, 2011

Who/what are you listening to?

There was a series done last year by Andy Stanley and Jeff Henderson called Game Plan.  It was just life changing for me! Here is the series description:

Discovering God’s plan for our lives can be frustrating. Some have described it as the most challenging experience of the Christian life.
But it shouldn’t be.
It doesn’t have to be.
After all, God is the preeminent communicator. He created communication. And as your heavenly Father, he wants you to know his will for your life.
In this 6-part series, Andy Stanley and Jeff Henderson explain, in the most practical ways imaginable, how to discover and embrace God’s game plan for your life.
In part five, Jeff preached a message that really changed things for me. The message was called A Word from Coach (you can download an mp3 for $1).  The main take away I got was "the people you listen to are a preview to the future you." Basically, everyone and everything you listen to shapes who you will be in the future.

So-my question for you to think about...Who and what are you listening to? 

If you are a mom - hopefully you have some resources and support. Because I know this is all tough to balance. I have to recommend you check out Birds on a Wire. It's an awesome ministry for us moms.

If you are a dad - I can recommend my husband's blog. He is blogging about how he's learning to Raise the Next Generation. Check it out - I know I'm bias, but I think it's awesome! He definitely will make you think.

Please comment if you have suggestions for singles, college students, etc...

Ok - that's it folks...have a GREAT day!


Lindsay Maughon said...

Rachael, I just started reading your blog- Love it! You have a gift for writing!

Rachael Walkup said...

Thanks Lindsay - I do enjoy it :)