Thursday, November 26, 2009

When I was a little girl...

I've always had the desire in my heart to be a mommy. Just take a look at ths picture of me when I was 5...

That's me holding my adorable little bro, Matthew.  I took care of him like a second mom. My mom said that she was afraid he wouldn't walk because I always carried him. I didn't have to play with baby dolls because I had a real one :) Isn't Matthew cute, I really think Finn looks a lot like him.

My point is-I'm so thankful this year to have a sweet baby boy. He is perfect in every way. And I am blessed to be able to take care of him. All my 27 years all I wanted was to be a mommy and now I am one. I have so much to look forward to but for now i'm living in the moment and taking this all in.

I'm also very thankful for a husband who is an awesome daddy. I love seeing him with Finn.  I'm truly blessed beyond belief and for that I am so thankful.

Thank you God for making all my little girl dreams come true. A supportive loving husband and an angel baby boy.  Now, I pray I can honor you with what I have.

Do you know when your dreams come true? I love that my dream and God's dream were one :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Two month update

Finn is eating 4 oz every 3 hours and 15-30 minutes. 

At his last appointment 2 weeks ago he was 11 lbs and 10 oz. I think he is closer to 12 or 13 pounds now. He is getting heavy :)

Finn is sleeping much better now. He takes two or three 2 hour naps during the day. And as of 3 days ago he has been sleeping 6 hours at night! He goes down between 10:30-11:00 (depending on his last feeding) and he is sleeping til 4:30-5:00. I'm gonna start trying to get him sleeping to 7:00 over the next few weeks. 

Wake Time
His wake time has been so much fun over the last few weeks. He is awake anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.  He can see and follow objects now. So we play with the rattle, light up toys, and stuffed animals. He smiles a lot its very cute!

He is starting to fit in the 0-3 month size now. They are still a little big but the newborn clothes definitely do not fit anymore. I can't get them over his head, haha!

Fun fact
Finn started smiling at me this past month. He smiles when I talk to him. He also knows my voice. Last week, Greg was holding him and I started talking he whipped his head around to look at me. It was so adorable! And made me tear up for sure!

Mentally, I'm a little nervous about my new role as a working mom and wife. I know its a big role and I'm just praying my way through it. I am also doing much better as a mom now. I feel like I have found my groove with Finn. I know him sleeping has made a HUGE difference. Physically, I'm feeling ok. I am starting to wean off the pump. We never could nurse successfully and I am really over producing. So hopefully, this time next month I will be done. I have enough milk stored up for 1 1/2 months right now. If you have any tips for weaning, please email me.