Friday, May 30, 2008


“In those days I, Daniel, was mourning three full weeks. I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled.” Daniel 10:2, 3

Starting the fast on Sunday...

Pretty darn excited about it :)

Please pray for me, Greg, Gidget, Kyle, Stephanie, John, and Julie-thats all the people that will be starting as well on Sunday.  

Also, I have my Cambodia trip retreat this weekend. Pray for that too. 

Thanks for all your prayers, I don't know what I would do without my prayer warriors!!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

T-4 days!!!

Ok, so I have 4 days til my Daniel fast starts.  And I have to say I'm pretty excited! I feel like my body does need a good cleansing.  So once I start fasting I will begin daily blogs to keep you updated on what to pray for. Don't you love how I just assume if you read this you pray for me. :) It will be interesting to see what God teaches me in that time.  My husband and so far 2 coworkers are doing the fast with me! 

Ok, the next subject I have to write about is the prices going up everywhere.  It's really starting to freak me out! This month in my discipleship group we are studying finances and I think that the devil is just attacking me this month.  When I start thinking about money, I get nauseous.  And thats a terrible thing because Gregory and I have been very intentional about our budget and being good stewards of our money. Anyway, my question to you today is...

What is the benchmark of gas prices that would cause you to drastically change your lifestyle?

Friday, May 23, 2008

So Sorry...

OK, so I know it's gotten ridiculous and I haven't written in almost two months!! But I promise to never let something like that happen again.  So much has been going on and honestly I didn't think anyone read my blog.  But Ashley Jansen does so I may be just writing to you on this one :)

Let's see where do I begin...One of my best friends got married to Greg's best friend at the end of March, then I had full gear of wedding stuff for my other best friend.  I had showers, bachelorette party,and more.  Then in the middle of all that it was Drive conference and my birthday. Then mothers day.  Then Kristen's wedding last weekend...and it was awesome.  I just can't believe Kristen is married! It seems like just yesterday we were in high school boycotting dating anyone and now here we are ole married folks! And I must say I love her husband he is an amazing Christian leader for their marriage. Then the last thing to happen was me and hubby's 2 year anniversary.  Now it's memorial day weekend and we are going out of town to celebrate our anniversary. So as you can see I have been very busy-I know what your thinking thats no excuse but seriously when could I have sat down and blogged.  

So now that I'm back let me tell you a few new things-Kyle forced me to sign up for Twitter (rwalkup) and I actually think it's kinda fun because now my whole team at work is doing it as well as other coworkers.  I am going to Cambodia at the end of the summer and God just helped me to raise $3150 so far towards our team goal.  My personal goal was $2900 and God has totally surpassed that.  So to  honor Him and get ready for my trip I am going to do the Daniel fast from June 1st to the 30th.  That should be interesting :) I totally trust God that He will teach me all kinds of truths in that time and after it's over I will be completely ready to serve Him in Cambodia.  The cool thing is so far my incredible husband is partnering with me.  He is going to follow the same fast and I'm so grateful for that.  Also, Gidge (my friend at work) and maybe Kyle are going to join us.  So if you are interested let me know, it could be really cool to see how God moves in your life! Last but not least, I am loving my Titus 2 group.  God is teaching me so much through Regina and the other woman.  Praise be to God for all my blessings.

Ok-so I am going to get back to this because I do enjoying writing even if no one is reading :) So if you are still out there-let me know! 

Have a blessed holiday weekend-