Wednesday, May 28, 2008

T-4 days!!!

Ok, so I have 4 days til my Daniel fast starts.  And I have to say I'm pretty excited! I feel like my body does need a good cleansing.  So once I start fasting I will begin daily blogs to keep you updated on what to pray for. Don't you love how I just assume if you read this you pray for me. :) It will be interesting to see what God teaches me in that time.  My husband and so far 2 coworkers are doing the fast with me! 

Ok, the next subject I have to write about is the prices going up everywhere.  It's really starting to freak me out! This month in my discipleship group we are studying finances and I think that the devil is just attacking me this month.  When I start thinking about money, I get nauseous.  And thats a terrible thing because Gregory and I have been very intentional about our budget and being good stewards of our money. Anyway, my question to you today is...

What is the benchmark of gas prices that would cause you to drastically change your lifestyle?

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