Sunday, August 30, 2009

i know, i know...

I needed to update bad! I have been feeling so overwhelmed that I haven't even had time to write on here. I think its because I haven't been able to completely nest because I don't know where to put anything. I look in the drawers and think what would go best here? I look in the bins and think what would I be reaching for in here? It's all so hard to imagine since I don't know what life will be like with a newborn. So my nursery just has piles and piles of stuff on the floor. Lucky for me, my good friend Karin is coming over this week to help me organize!

So, other than those feelings-I'm also getting really excited. I see a light at the end of the tunnel of pregnancy and cannot wait to bring this sweet baby home. I also can't wait to find out if this baby is a girl or boy! Be sure and vote on my blog site, only 4 weeks left!

If you can be praying for me I would appreciate it. I am getting increasingly uncomfortable as the days pass. My right foot is VERY swollen and I can't seem to get the swelling to go down. I'm going to the bathroom almost every hour. Even with sleeping pills, I'm not sleeping more than 4 hours. I know I won't get to sleep that much once the baby is here but i'd like to sleep before he/she arrives! I'm having braxton hicks contractions ALOT. And they are painful :( Oh and I have feet in my ribs! Other than physical stuff, emotionally I'm kinda crazy too. I've been randomly crying for no reason, feeling anxious about delivery, and nervous about bring home a child to raise. I know this is all due to hormones and lack of sleep but it still makes it very hard to work all day then come home to a house I can't completely nest in then go to bed to do it all over again.

Thank you in advance!

I can't end the post without a few pictures from my last shower. It was thrown by the lovely Kristen Owen and Megan Gwinn. Here's a few of my favorites...

Here's me with my hostesses!

Me and Christy-our babies are only a few days apart!

Me and the sissa!

Me and Abuela (the mom in law)

Isn't this the cutest cake!?

Friends since high school, crazy to think we graduated almost 10 years ago! ahh!!

Big Rachel and Lil' Rachael reunited! So thankful for her words of encouragement!

**I wish I had pictures of me with everyone that was there. The shower was AWESOME! And Baby Walkup got TONS of gifts. Thanks to everyone for coming to celebrate with me! **

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The start of the baby showers...

It's been so exciting to start having showers and getting cute stuff for the baby. It sure does make things feel more real. I get home and unload the stuff and realize a little person is gonna be using this stuff. I just can't wait! Anyway, I just wanted to post a few pictures form the last 2 showers. I have 3 more to go. I am so blessed!

Shower #1 (This was a surprise family shower when we went to Destin, FL for Memorial day. It was thrown by my mom, Aunt, and Grandma. So much fun!)

This is me being surprised!
Me with the hostesses-from left to right-Maw, Mom, Me, and Aunt Tavie

All the gifts and the cute cake

And this was one of my favorite outfits, it has little monkeys on the feet :)

Then we have shower #2. This shower was hosted by my good friends Candace, Karin, and Ashly. It was for all my friends from mentor group, mission trip, small group, and friends from church (Browns Bridge).

Here is me with my hostesses (from left to right-Candace, me, Karin, and Ashly)

This was so sweet-it;s a table set up for my guests to write notes of encouragement to me. I will really cherish this at 3 am feedings :)

I love this picture-it's Ashly and I, she is 3 weeks ahead of me. Our babies are saying hello to each other. Both of us are being surprised with the sex of the baby so it's been a fun journey so far!

And here is me and my momma!

YAY-I got the lil' lamb swing! I was really excited about this one, thanks mom!

So, that's it so far....

I have one on August 22nd in Kennesaw (hosted by Kristen and Megan), a work shower on September 10th (hosted by Brenda, Kelli, Gidget, and Elizabeth), and on September 19th (hosted by my moms). Much more fun to come! be continued!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Things I miss, love, and look forward to...

Over the weekend I started thinking about things I miss and love during pregnancy. And then I came up with the things I'm looking forward to once the baby is here. So I condensed my lists into 10's. I'm sure those of you that have been pregnant will definitely understand :)

10 things I miss during pregnancy

1-Seeing my feet
2-Having Ab muscles
3-Wearing my favorite jeans
4-Wearing heels
5-Sleeping on my stomach or back
6-Not having heartburn
7-My brain
8-The ease of bending over
9-Being able to work out without feeling exhausted in 5 minutes
10-SLEEPING through the night!

10 things I have loved during pregnancy...

1-How delicious some foods taste
2-Strangers commenting on how great I look
3-All the attention
4-All the prayer
5-The excitement in my mom and Greg's moms eyes for the first grandchild
6-Not having suck in
7-Eating whatever I want
8-Gaining weight and being ok with it
9-Good advice from freinds
10-Knowing a child is being formed in me by my Heavenly father!

And last but not least, the 10 things I look forward to once the baby is here

1-Not being pregnant anymore
2-Holding my baby for the first time
4-Maternity leave to bond with my baby
5-Starting to raise a lil' one
6-Sharing the baby's name with everyone
7-Making the child be friends with my friends kids :)
8-Understanding firsthand what it means to love your child (Like God loves me)
9-Finding out if this sweet angel is a girl or boy
10-Seeing what this wonderfully made creation looks like!