Monday, August 3, 2009

Things I miss, love, and look forward to...

Over the weekend I started thinking about things I miss and love during pregnancy. And then I came up with the things I'm looking forward to once the baby is here. So I condensed my lists into 10's. I'm sure those of you that have been pregnant will definitely understand :)

10 things I miss during pregnancy

1-Seeing my feet
2-Having Ab muscles
3-Wearing my favorite jeans
4-Wearing heels
5-Sleeping on my stomach or back
6-Not having heartburn
7-My brain
8-The ease of bending over
9-Being able to work out without feeling exhausted in 5 minutes
10-SLEEPING through the night!

10 things I have loved during pregnancy...

1-How delicious some foods taste
2-Strangers commenting on how great I look
3-All the attention
4-All the prayer
5-The excitement in my mom and Greg's moms eyes for the first grandchild
6-Not having suck in
7-Eating whatever I want
8-Gaining weight and being ok with it
9-Good advice from freinds
10-Knowing a child is being formed in me by my Heavenly father!

And last but not least, the 10 things I look forward to once the baby is here

1-Not being pregnant anymore
2-Holding my baby for the first time
4-Maternity leave to bond with my baby
5-Starting to raise a lil' one
6-Sharing the baby's name with everyone
7-Making the child be friends with my friends kids :)
8-Understanding firsthand what it means to love your child (Like God loves me)
9-Finding out if this sweet angel is a girl or boy
10-Seeing what this wonderfully made creation looks like!

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