Thursday, October 28, 2010

Haircut and candy

So last week on Friday, I took Finn to get a "real" haircut. He was also introduced to candy-a sour apple ring pop to be specific. He loved both the haircut and the ring pop. Here's a few pictures. I can't believe how much hair this kid has!

 Getting ready-already checking out that ring pop
 And the first taste is pretty good.
 Oh yeah, that's delicious!
 Such a sweet little boy
" Here come the clippers, but I don't mind-I have a ring pop!"

All done! Now he looks like a little man :)

Monday, October 25, 2010


This morning in my quiet time I was reminded of how important praying is. What's funny is I've actually been wrestling with that lately. God always has a funny way of telling me things. So, first let me say that I do love praying with the God, I talk to him often. I have a struggle with what to pray about. Because some things, I think He already knows that, no need for me to mention it.

But the power of pray is huge. Just recently, I had been praying for a friend's pregnancy. And at her next appointment God performed a miracle. He totally answered our prayers, she was completely healed. You see, that was a reminder to me that prayer works.

The Bible tells us to "pray without ceasing." It also says "submit your requests to God, with thanksgiving." I actually read once that "prayer is the key to God's heart." I definitely want that key!

So, think about what/who you want to lift up to the Lord and do it. Keep a prayer journal if you can. It's very encouraging to look back over days, weeks, months and see all that God has done!

Monday, October 18, 2010

What a weekend!

I'm going to tell the story of this weekend through pictures. We had a blast as a family this weekend.  Hope you enjoy!
We started off the weekend on Saturday by taking Finn to Kinsey's family farm. He got to walk around and pick out a pumpkin.
Then we went on a hayride that stopped at a pond where we feed big fish! That was so fun!
Isn't this a cute picture of Gregory and Finn?

 Finn picking out his little pumpkin
 And he picked one!
Daddy and Son
Mommy and Son
 On the hayride
Feeding the fish!

I started my Sunday by running a 10k. That was fun! My first big race and boy was it an adrenaline rush! I enjoyed it and the best part was coming into the finish line seeing all the lovely people that care about me. Allison & Meri ran the 5k so they were done as I finished. Meri's husband is my boss and he was there with this sign. On one side it was for me and the other side was for Allison. Very nice! I absolutely loved seeing my husband (who had flowers) and my sweet son clapping. It was a great day for a race and I finished in just over an hour.

Here's a video of me coming through the finish line...

The second part of our day was a buddy walk for Downs Syndrome. We went to the Marietta Square to support the Gatlin family. Their daughter Abby is in Finn's class. We say that they are boyfriend and girlfriend because they absolutely love each other. So we had to go out and support them. It was a lot of fun just hanging out and then walking the mile for Abby! 
Go Abby's Buzzy Bees!

What a wonderful weekend! 

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Lord is MY Shepherd

Yesterday at church we heard the speaker Justin Grunewald. He works in the middle school department at Buckhead. And well, he is quite the communicator. He preached yesterday on the popular bible verses in Psalm. I have listed the verses below...

Psalm 23

 1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.  2 He makes me lie down in green pastures,
       he leads me beside quiet waters,
 3 he restores my soul.
       He guides me in paths of righteousness
       for his name's sake.
 4 Even though I walk
       through the valley of the shadow of death,
       I will fear no evil,
       for you are with me;
       your rod and your staff,
       they comfort me.
 5 You prepare a table before me
       in the presence of my enemies.
       You anoint my head with oil;
       my cup overflows.
 6 Surely goodness and love will follow me
       all the days of my life,
       and I will dwell in the house of the LORD

I would recommend you go and listen to the sermon on our website by clicking the link: Online Messages @ North Point The title of the sermon is "Promises".

Anyway, the message really got me thinking...where in my life is God not MY Shepherd? Where have I not invited HIM to lead? I will be praying through this the next few days. But just yesterday one area popped to mind-

Part of parenting is fixing meals, doing laundry, bathing, diaper changing, etc-All those things are under my control, I lead there. But do I have to? I should be asking God to lead and help me with the little teachable moments with Finn.

And what else? I'm sure there are TONS of areas. I wish there wasn't, but unfortunately it's reality. Our flesh always wants to take over.

So join me...ask God to show you where he is NOT currently your Shepherd. And then, ask him to be. Life change is on the way!

Friday, October 1, 2010

12 Month Update!

Nothing really new here. We have been off of baby food for a while now. He does enjoy feeding himself-so I guess that's new.

We just had his 12 month doctor appointment today. He was 23.4 pounds. I will also start posting his height on here. He was 30 inches tall. That puts him at 55th percentile. Just a good ole average size.

We still have a great sleeper. Bedtime is 7:30 and he sleeps til 7:30. As for naps, at school he naps at 10 & 2. But at home he naps like a big boy-one nap at 12:00ish. He will usually sleep 2 or 3 hours with this nap.

Wake Time
Well, the last few days have opened up a whole new world. Finn is walking! He stumbles all over the place. It's adorable!

Finn is now in the 18 month size for the Fall. The pants are a little long, but fits him great in the waist. He got some great clothes for his birthday so he has some very cute outfits!

Fun fact
I've decided to start making our Fridays special by doing a "Mommy/Son day". We either go to the park or shop together. Or for a special treat we are doing outings. Today we went to the Cagle Dairy Farm with a groups of moms and their kiddos. It was so much fun! Below are some pictures. Thanks Ashley - for taking the cute pictures and inviting us to go along. But I hate we didn't get any pictures of us or the boys together. Oh well-next time!

 Feeding the calf
 One more shot of him feeding the calf (he loved it!)

 Who knows what Finn was pointing at, he loves to point these days :)
 Showing me where his head is, such a smart boy!
 Giving mommy some love-great memories!
 On the hayride
 Wanting to jump out and pet the cow!