Friday, October 1, 2010

12 Month Update!

Nothing really new here. We have been off of baby food for a while now. He does enjoy feeding himself-so I guess that's new.

We just had his 12 month doctor appointment today. He was 23.4 pounds. I will also start posting his height on here. He was 30 inches tall. That puts him at 55th percentile. Just a good ole average size.

We still have a great sleeper. Bedtime is 7:30 and he sleeps til 7:30. As for naps, at school he naps at 10 & 2. But at home he naps like a big boy-one nap at 12:00ish. He will usually sleep 2 or 3 hours with this nap.

Wake Time
Well, the last few days have opened up a whole new world. Finn is walking! He stumbles all over the place. It's adorable!

Finn is now in the 18 month size for the Fall. The pants are a little long, but fits him great in the waist. He got some great clothes for his birthday so he has some very cute outfits!

Fun fact
I've decided to start making our Fridays special by doing a "Mommy/Son day". We either go to the park or shop together. Or for a special treat we are doing outings. Today we went to the Cagle Dairy Farm with a groups of moms and their kiddos. It was so much fun! Below are some pictures. Thanks Ashley - for taking the cute pictures and inviting us to go along. But I hate we didn't get any pictures of us or the boys together. Oh well-next time!

 Feeding the calf
 One more shot of him feeding the calf (he loved it!)

 Who knows what Finn was pointing at, he loves to point these days :)
 Showing me where his head is, such a smart boy!
 Giving mommy some love-great memories!
 On the hayride
 Wanting to jump out and pet the cow!


The Lowes said...

Such sweet pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

Ashley said...

I realized when looking through the pics that I didn't get one of me and H. And us and the boys. Should've thought about that. Next time! So glad you were able to come. Love ya friend...see ya Tuesday!!