Monday, October 18, 2010

What a weekend!

I'm going to tell the story of this weekend through pictures. We had a blast as a family this weekend.  Hope you enjoy!
We started off the weekend on Saturday by taking Finn to Kinsey's family farm. He got to walk around and pick out a pumpkin.
Then we went on a hayride that stopped at a pond where we feed big fish! That was so fun!
Isn't this a cute picture of Gregory and Finn?

 Finn picking out his little pumpkin
 And he picked one!
Daddy and Son
Mommy and Son
 On the hayride
Feeding the fish!

I started my Sunday by running a 10k. That was fun! My first big race and boy was it an adrenaline rush! I enjoyed it and the best part was coming into the finish line seeing all the lovely people that care about me. Allison & Meri ran the 5k so they were done as I finished. Meri's husband is my boss and he was there with this sign. On one side it was for me and the other side was for Allison. Very nice! I absolutely loved seeing my husband (who had flowers) and my sweet son clapping. It was a great day for a race and I finished in just over an hour.

Here's a video of me coming through the finish line...

The second part of our day was a buddy walk for Downs Syndrome. We went to the Marietta Square to support the Gatlin family. Their daughter Abby is in Finn's class. We say that they are boyfriend and girlfriend because they absolutely love each other. So we had to go out and support them. It was a lot of fun just hanging out and then walking the mile for Abby! 
Go Abby's Buzzy Bees!

What a wonderful weekend! 

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The Lowes said...

Wonderful post!!! Finn looks JUST like you...super cool! Second, that little girl is the cutest thing and I wanna snuggle her so badly!