Monday, June 30, 2008


A bunch of people have asked me how i'm feeling since eating normal food again.  And well, that depends on how you describe "normal".  I am eating processed and flavored food and i'm not impressed at all.  I actually have only had a few things i really like (sushi, egg whites, whole wheat bread). I've decided I don't like milk, cheddar cheese, or ketchup anymore.  I also have decided to stick with fish and chicken (no red meat for a while). I haven't been sick other than feeling a little nauseous. So thats a good thing.  But I guess the update is, I like the natural foods I was eating during the fast.  I definitely felt cleaner and had much more clarity. We will see how the future plays out! Thanks for caring all you friends out there! Now i'm at the Ritz for my Admin Retreat so I better get back to relaxing in this heavenly bed!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Today=last day of Daniel fast

I must start with saying WOW, I cannot believe Greg and I officially made it through 26 days of fasting! We are so proud of ourselves and God totally showed up and taught us more than we could imagine! Today was the last full day of fasting and what a day. Through the fast we have learned how important it is to trust God with everything, depend on Him for strength when we don't have any left, and be very intentional about living a life that glorifies Him. I just pray we can take this clarity we have had during the fast into our life after the fast.

As for going back to eating we have a lil' plan for the weekend...
1-We are setting an alarm and waking up at 12:01am just to eat a small piece of chocolate
2-Greg is eating a yummy mexican lunch with his work friends
3-Rachael is having mini crab cakes at Ruby Tuesday for lunch with work friends
4-Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen
1-homemade breakfast
2-lunch at Deckers in Cumming (delicious salads and sandwiches)
3-dinner at Rice (yes, SUSHI!)

After all those binges, I'm sure we will be sick the rest of the weekend :) Sounds fun, huh?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


OK, I got this email from my Uncle and had to post this today! Seriously, this had me laughing loudly at work this morning :) ENJOY!

True Redneck Tank Top!!!!

This was taken in front of the Gardendale, Alabama, Walmart while she was going to the Flea market. This is hysterical! Look at it closely.

Now I ask you...
Who sits and looks a
t a pair of men's briefs and says hmmmm...I can make a nice summer top from these!! On the other hand...
$6 for a three pack is a good price!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

That headline is my life these days! I wonder if I can ever catch up, slow down, or organize enough. I have a feeling this is just life and I must be very intentional if I want to slow down. I know I have an issue with saying yes to everything but I just want so badly to be involved with everything. I think the one big problem is I have been so busy at work. When I'm busy all day then I come home to dinner, bills, and family time-I feel completely overwhelmed. So the good news is our team has just hired 2 new staff members. These two staff will take some of the work load off of me and that should give me some air to breathe. Next is the web dept is hiring and once they hire someone that will take another load off! It's moving in the right direction so I must be more positive. I guess I'm just in a funk today. I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed and satan attacked me all day. Let's hope tomorrow I wake up in a better mood! OK, life is calling so I better go. I just had to write a little something to say hello to my readers. Also, I'm pretty pumped about the things coming up this summer...
1-Gregory and I have decided to volunteer with assimilation at Browns Bridge (as married assimilators!)
2-We are almost done with our 4 week Daniel fast (and it has been amazing)
3-I have my division work retreat next week and then a Walkup family vacation
4-My mission trip to Cambodia is one month away from TODAY! (follow us at

Thanks for reading and being interested in my life!

Much love-

Friday, June 13, 2008

New haircut!

Nice layers :)
Oh my gosh, bangs!

And I can still move the bangs to the side!

So...what do you think????

Monday, June 9, 2008

The new iPhone...

So, I want one!!! How can I get $400 to break my contract with Sprint and then the $200 to buy the iPhone??? Anyone have some ideas :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

a fun quote...

My grandpa just sent me an email that had this quote on it and I love it was blog worthy...

"You should live your life, so that when your feet hit the ground in the morning satan thinks oh they're awake"

Pretty cool huh?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Good news...

Monday is usually a pretty busy day.  But the first Monday of the month is crazy busy.  And today was no exception.  It started with All-Staff Meeting, then Admin division meeting, then check requests are due, then I look up and its 4:40 and I gotta leave for the day. But it was a good Monday.  I'm doing pretty good on the Daniel Fast.  Finding a new love for fruit :) But on a serious note, I am pretty honored...

I am now a manager for North Point Ministries.  I have always had a love for managing people.  Thats one reason I have a minor in Management.  But, I guess I just thought I wouldn't get that responsibility here at my current job.  Boy was I wrong!! The crazy thing is, when I was throwing around pros and cons of going to work for the church.  One of my cons was that I wouldn't have management in my role.  However, look now only a year later and God rewards me with this.  I am definitely humbled in the light of this new responsibility. 

Anyway, just wanted to share that piece of good news with whoever is reading :)

And if you have any good news today, comment it up...

Have a great evening-

**Don't forget to follow the journey of preparation for the Cambodia trip at our new blog site 

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cambodia blog!!

Hey friends,
Just wanted to let you know I have set up a blog for the Cambodia team. You should check it out...