Monday, June 30, 2008


A bunch of people have asked me how i'm feeling since eating normal food again.  And well, that depends on how you describe "normal".  I am eating processed and flavored food and i'm not impressed at all.  I actually have only had a few things i really like (sushi, egg whites, whole wheat bread). I've decided I don't like milk, cheddar cheese, or ketchup anymore.  I also have decided to stick with fish and chicken (no red meat for a while). I haven't been sick other than feeling a little nauseous. So thats a good thing.  But I guess the update is, I like the natural foods I was eating during the fast.  I definitely felt cleaner and had much more clarity. We will see how the future plays out! Thanks for caring all you friends out there! Now i'm at the Ritz for my Admin Retreat so I better get back to relaxing in this heavenly bed!


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