Thursday, June 26, 2008

Today=last day of Daniel fast

I must start with saying WOW, I cannot believe Greg and I officially made it through 26 days of fasting! We are so proud of ourselves and God totally showed up and taught us more than we could imagine! Today was the last full day of fasting and what a day. Through the fast we have learned how important it is to trust God with everything, depend on Him for strength when we don't have any left, and be very intentional about living a life that glorifies Him. I just pray we can take this clarity we have had during the fast into our life after the fast.

As for going back to eating we have a lil' plan for the weekend...
1-We are setting an alarm and waking up at 12:01am just to eat a small piece of chocolate
2-Greg is eating a yummy mexican lunch with his work friends
3-Rachael is having mini crab cakes at Ruby Tuesday for lunch with work friends
4-Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen
1-homemade breakfast
2-lunch at Deckers in Cumming (delicious salads and sandwiches)
3-dinner at Rice (yes, SUSHI!)

After all those binges, I'm sure we will be sick the rest of the weekend :) Sounds fun, huh?


Amber said...

That's awesome! You'll have to fill me in on the Daniel Fast.

I am so excited to be a colleague of yours very soon! Can't wait! I have a question for you since you live up my way...What time do you leave your house for work? I am trying to figure out a schedule for my kiddos so that we can start ASAP getting adjusted. When is traffic worst? Best? Stuff like that!

Enjoy Rice. I don't do sushi, but I really enjoy their other dishes! Hope your bellies don't hurt by Sunday!

Karin Coibion said...

So awesome! I am very proud of you both.

Love the new look, haircut and blog :)

See you Monday!

EAJan678 said...

So I want to know how the weekend went? Did you get sick or just enjoy the new foods? Or both?