Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

That headline is my life these days! I wonder if I can ever catch up, slow down, or organize enough. I have a feeling this is just life and I must be very intentional if I want to slow down. I know I have an issue with saying yes to everything but I just want so badly to be involved with everything. I think the one big problem is I have been so busy at work. When I'm busy all day then I come home to dinner, bills, and family time-I feel completely overwhelmed. So the good news is our team has just hired 2 new staff members. These two staff will take some of the work load off of me and that should give me some air to breathe. Next is the web dept is hiring and once they hire someone that will take another load off! It's moving in the right direction so I must be more positive. I guess I'm just in a funk today. I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed and satan attacked me all day. Let's hope tomorrow I wake up in a better mood! OK, life is calling so I better go. I just had to write a little something to say hello to my readers. Also, I'm pretty pumped about the things coming up this summer...
1-Gregory and I have decided to volunteer with assimilation at Browns Bridge (as married assimilators!)
2-We are almost done with our 4 week Daniel fast (and it has been amazing)
3-I have my division work retreat next week and then a Walkup family vacation
4-My mission trip to Cambodia is one month away from TODAY! (follow us at

Thanks for reading and being interested in my life!

Much love-


Amber Castleberry said...

I'm hoping to help you out as much as I can soon! :) Isn't it ironic that when we were young life couldn't go by fast enough (can't wait to get your license, can't wait to graduate, etc.), but now that we're older it can't slow down enough for us to enjoy? Glad you're being intentional; we all need to be.

Kelly Moreton said...

great post! can't wait to be roomies at the retreat!

Kristie said...

I hope that I am helping at least a little bit!! I know you have been soooo busy!! See you soon at the retreat!!