Saturday, March 5, 2011

1.5 year update!

Hello friends,
Since Finn is approaching 1 1/2 years old, I thought it would be good to give an update. What better way then through pictures.
Here's Finn with his best friend, Savannah. He's watching Mickey Mouse - his new favorite show!
Here's Finn in his new class climbing - that's his new favorite act. And his best bud Will is behind him.
On Wednesdays, I'm home with Finn - in this picture he learning to color.
Look at that face lighting up while coloring, too cute!
Here is Finn outside just running on the deck
And here he is jumping from the deck. Finn makes me super nervous because he is all boy!
Finn is just enjoying exploring around the yard
Sitting at the table like a big boy and eating with a fork!
Finn, you are growing up way too fast!

I love you,

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Karin Coibion said...

Wow! He looks so grown up. Hope to get him and David together soon. They will have a blast exploring and playing together. And just remember boys can be really daring and make your blood pressure soar but they also heal really fast when they do get hurt :)