Friday, April 27, 2012

Shower #3!

We have been SO blessed this pregnancy. So many friends and family wanted to celebrate this sweet baby on the way by doing showers. Last week, we had an awesome "sprinkle" shower at G's school. Thrown by the fabulous Ashley and the 3rd grade team - we got really LOADED up with diapers and wipes. When I say loaded, I mean stocked up! The whole closet in the nursery is full of diapers and wipes. I keep going in there and standing in front of it...I swear I keep hearing the hallelujah song. Again, we have been SO blessed. Thank you friends, family, and God for taking care of us!

Here are a few pictures...
The amazing diaper cake!
 Opening gifts

 Family picture
 My and Ashley - I just love her!
 Several of the ladies were so sweet and got Finn gifts too. Thanks Kim and Ashley!
 Just the nice cards for all the ladies at Vickery Creek

Thank you Ashley and the 3rd grade team. You guys are AWESOME! It was a great shower!

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