Friday, April 13, 2012

36 week update!

Baby is the size of: a coconut - the average baby is between 17-18 inches long and weighs between 4-5 lbs.

Symptoms? Still nausea from time to time. But I definitely have an appetite. My stomach must not have much room, because I get full so quick! And oh the contractions have started. This past week I was put on bed rest to keep from going into labor yet. For me being type A personality - being stuck to rest is torture. But I am resting and the resting is helping!

Maternity clothes? Love them - however, I can't wait to get back in normal clothes again.

How's your sleep? Not so great. I'm up every 2 hours going to the bathroom. Then I have a hard time getting comfortable again.

Feeling movement? Absolutely - this baby is SO active. I think they might come out running. Also, baby has the hiccups about 3-4 times a day.

Food cravings: I had the craziest craving the past couple weeks and I found a combo that is DELICIOUS! Plain hummus mixed with jalapeno hot sauce with a green olive on chips. Yes weird I know - but oh yummy!

How much weight gained so far? Based on my 36 week doctor appointment I have gained 14 lbs.

Belly Button in or out? Still out, but not flat yet. Again - just like last month, I hate that you can see it through my shirts.

Favorite pregnancy moment this past month? I got to have an ultrasound today at my 36 week check-up. I loved seeing the baby. And even more, I loved seeing Finn see the baby. He's getting excited I think. Also, I had a second baby shower. I loved it! And last but not least, the house is all ready. Now we are counting down the days until baby comes!

What are you looking forward to next month? The baby being born! I can hardly wait to see who's in there. Micah or Selah, we cannot wait to meet you!!

And here is my monthly picture....

And just for comparison - here I am 36 weeks pregnant with Finn
As you can see, these pregnancies are so different! Don't forget to make your guess on my home page at the top right...BOY or GIRL!?!?!?!

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