Friday, April 6, 2012

Baby shower #2

On March 24, I had a wonderful shower thrown by my two sisters/best friends - Natasha and Kristen. It was a great time! They both did a great job putting a beautiful shower together for me. See pictures below for how wonderful it was.

I feel totally blessed to have had 2 showers so far to celebrate this miracle #2. We are getting the house ready this week. Baby is only a month away!!!

 This was a tree of encouragement for me. Everyone wrote on the baby outfits.
 As guests arrived, they put their thumbprint on the trees. This one had pink thumbprints for Selah.
 And this one had green thumbprints for Micah.
 The framed invitation - so cute!
 Little onesies going up the stairs, the theme was yellow and grey.
 Punch and mimosas. Man, I sure did want a mimosa :)
 Mason jars for cups
 The food was all my pregnancy cravings - Mexican, spicy, girl scout cookies, and apples. Kristen even made a fruit pizza bar - sugar cookies, with cream cheese icing, and all types of fruit to top it.
 This was "wishes for the baby" that all the guests filled out. So sweet!
 Me and my mom in law!
 The girls - Natasha (sis/best friend), Me, and Mom
 They prayed over me and the baby. I loved that!
 Opening gifts was fun!
 Me and my sis/best friend of almost 15 yrs!
 Nani and I are only a month apart. Wow, I'm so much bigger!
Me with my sweet nephew, Everett. This is Kristen's son. Isn't he so handsome?!

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