Monday, April 16, 2012

Father and son

Pictures taken on Sunday, April 1st outside at the Avenues of Forsyth. 

I just love seeing my boys together. They are so cute! The love they share is something special. And it makes me smile to see them together. 

I know that relationship being built is so important. G is leading Finn to be a leader himself one day. I have to brag on my husband and say he is doing an awesome job so far. 

I know he is taking the lead from several great books and being mentored. Below are a list of the books he'd recommend. 

1. Raising a Modern Day Knight by Robert Lewis
2. Better Dads, Stronger Sons by Rick Johnson
3. Personality Plus for Parents by Florence Littauer

And last but not least, here is a link to the mentoring program G did last year. He still meets with his mentor now that the year is up. But for him, I know this program was life changing!

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