Monday, May 16, 2011


What's your love language?

Mine is words of affirmation. That means that I would rather have a poem, card, or letter to be shown love than any other gift. My husbands love language is quality time. That means he just wants to hang out together. His secondary one is acts of service. Meaning that he likes to do things together - like community service, go running, etc.

It's so important to know how you receive and give love. It truly helps you understand yourself. And same goes for your spouse. It's nice to have a spouse that understands why you do what you do.

Take this picture for an example. I took this picture at the beginning of this week. Those are all the cards I received for my birthday and Mother's day. Just as a side note - my birthday is May 4th and Mother's day was May 8th this year those days were only 4 days apart. I didn't to take them down. I liked reading each of them over and over. Yeah I know what you're thinking, what clutter! But to me, it wasn't clutter - it was love. And lots of it.

If you don't know what you, your spouse, or your child's love language is - then I suggest going here to order a book. And let the knowledge of how you feel and give love begin...

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