Saturday, April 9, 2011

No easy task

Sometimes the pendulum of balance swings more in one direction than usual. In today's post, I'll explain how I "try" to keep things balanced between work and home.

We had Drive Conference at my work the last week of March. That means I worked from Sunday to Thursday - I put in around 50 hours that week. On a normal week, I work 32 hours a week. Of course it was worth it, Drive is one of my favorite things about working for North Point Ministries. I got to meet and talk to leaders from almost 500 churches. I can definitely say I ran on total adrenaline that week. Little sleep and on my feet all day!

This brings me to this past week - it was SPRING BREAK! And since my husband was home we did all kinds of fun activities. We went to the zoo, we took Finn to an indoor jumpy house, and did plenty of eating out. It was wonderful. When I was home, I was fully home. No work! And on top of that, my awesome husband landscaped our front yard. He did an awesome job.

Below are some pictures for you to enjoy.

 Finn and Daddy in front of the Panda exhibit
 Finn really loved watching the orangutans
 I love my little boy!
 Checking out a komodo dragon
 Happy boy - he loves the ZOO!
 My little cub
 Watching the elephants
 All 3 of us on the train
 The tree behind him was planted when he was born - we call it "The Finn tree"
 Finn and daddy in front of Finn's tree
 The beautifully landscaped front yard - I really love the border he designed
 A little done to the side to help with erosion
And here's the whole front! 
All the pics are blurry from Kangazoom - but this one is my favorite, Gregory's face is priceless.

So - that's how I "try" balance home and work. I try to keep my time as equal as it can be. If my time swings towards work a lot for a week then the next week I'm all home. And of course, it's always a good thing to have the pendulum of balance go more towards home.

How do you keep things in balance? Any tips?

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