Saturday, March 31, 2012

The countdown to baby craft

I know I have not been writing much. We've just had a lot going on. But I'm hoping to get caught up on the blog this weekend. I was home all last week with a sick little boy. Finn had croup and an ear infection. So, I had to be creative with stuff for us to do. I decided we would go ahead and make a countdown to his baby brother or sister.

Step 1 - Get some construction paper, crayons, scissors, and stickers! Finn and I colored and put stickers the blue and pink paper.

Step 2 - While Finn was still coloring, I started cutting the pages in strips. And making rings that were connected.

Step 3 - Here's the finished product! We hung the countdown by our kitchen table and every night after dinner we will remove a ring and talk with Finn about who's coming soon!

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