Thursday, November 11, 2010

Go before me Lord.

I work at a church. I love my job. I love my church. I'm in the ministry and I'm blessed.

Every other week we have campus staff meeting. In these meetings we get updates about whats going on in all the different ministry areas and then we break up and pray in groups.

Now, I will be brutally honest. I have a hard time with prayer time. I literally view this time as sharing requests or praises that are on your heart so we can pray about them. I do not view the time as an opportunity to share everything going on in your life lately. I know this sounds mean but hey it's who I am. This is probably why I get frustrated in groups when prayer sharing time takes 45 minutes to an hour.

But in staff meetings it's a different story. We go around and share whats on our hearts. And I love how authentic we can be. And then one person prays for the group. That is my kind of prayer time-efficient! I know what you are thinking..."Wow, you have no compassion, no love, what a hateful person you are." But that's not true. I am a compassionate person. I do have some serious love for others. I just enjoy an efficient group prayer time!

Anyway, the whole reason I am writing this post is because this past week one of the people made a statement as he prayed for us over and over. And it really stuck with me. With every request, he prayed for God to go before us. Just sit on that for a second.

"Go before me Lord." What a profound statement. I've started praying that now too. And knowing that my Lord is going before me makes everything better.

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