Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lessons Learned

Many people have asked me how Finn and Gregory did while I was in Cambodia. 12 days was a long time to be away. And I have to report that things were great. They had an awesome time together. I know they made lots of special memories together.

My lesson learned this week came from processing through being gone. As Gregory and I were talking he mentioned that Finn started acting out around day 10. He stopped eating with a fork. He got whiny. He wouldn't play by himself in the playroom. It was as if he lost his confidence. But just a few days after me being home and he was back to himself.

While I was watching Finn play last week, it hit me. I bring something completely different to Finn than his daddy does. Neither one is better than the other. We are just different. And it's the combo of Gregory and myself that makes Finn who he is. Today I thank God for the situation I'm in. I'm grateful that God put Gregory and I together and blessed us with Finn. I chose to make every day count.

What lesson did you learn this week?

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