Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My story

My life and your life is truly a story. We each are in different places in the story book of of life. We end and start new chapters in the days, weeks, and months. Sometimes it's hard to see the end but we must know that God has written all the pages of our life. He has a plan for us. Everything we go through has a purpose.

I've been thinking about perspective a lot lately. Because when you are in the middle of something most of the time you lack perspective. But as a Christian we are to live with a Eternal perspective. So in the midst of that, think of your life as a story. I was reading my morning devotional and it asked this question:

"If your life was a story, what would be the title? What is the title of the chapter you are currently living?"

Why don't you answer that for yourself. God is teaching me so much the past few months. I'm seeing life very differently.

 For me, the title of my story changed when these two men came into my life.

More to come....

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