Sunday, February 27, 2011


Finn was very sick this past week. He had a nasty cough and high fever for 8 days. It was rough on him and us. But he is much better now. Anyway, I learned something this week and I just wanted to share.

Finn has gotten very attached to me. If I leave the room we are in together he comes running to me screaming "mom mom, mom mom." Of course I turn to him and say "I'm right here." But he won't recover until I pick him up and hug him. He is so uncomfortable with the fact that I'm not there. Even though this is a problem and I definitely need to work through it. It got me thinking about God.

Shouldn't we be running to Him always. Even when we feel he's not here - we run to Him screaming "Daddy, daddy." I know that it's easy to run to him when things are bad. But what about when things are fine. Can't we run to Him and thank Him? We should be attached to the comfort of him much like Finn is attached to my comfort.

After all, he is the Great Comforter. He is our Daddy. He is Abba Father.

When was the last time you ran to him?

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