Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I was tagged!

HAHA! My good friend Kelli tagged me in her blog and i'm supposed to list 7 random facts about me. So, here goes nothing!

1. I knew my husband's family before I knew him! His sister introduced us, I was her RA in college and meet her and his mom first.

2. The farthest I've been from home is Cambodia. I went there on a mission trip this past summer.

3. I was a premature baby and almost didn't make it because I only had three chambers of my heart. I spent almost the whole first year of my life in and out of hospitals. So i'm a miracle baby!

4. I have one of every type of brothers. I have a full brother, Matthew 21. A half brother, Jacob 6. And a step brother Joseph 16. Crazy huh-all brothers and no sisters. Good thing I have friends that I call sisters! (and Natasha as my sis n law!)

5. I paid for college all my myself. I had to work 3 jobs plus take extra classes so I could graduate in 3 years. But it was all worth it. I'd say that's my life's biggest accomplishment so far.

6. I've been in a discipleship group over the year of 2008 and we have memorized over 40 verses to date.

7. I write out goals for myself for the whole year and I actually check them off to make sure I complete them all! (I know that's sad-but organized!)

And now to tag 7 other friends :)

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Kristie said...

I have listed the randomness of me on my blog... check it out! :)