Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Stories - A beehive?

So my sweet son, Finn, turns 3 this month. That is just crazy to me. The past 3 years have gone by SO fast! Well, the conversations with him have been so funny lately. Last weekend as we were coming home from church we had one of my favorite talks so far. Hope it makes you laugh...

Mom: "So how was church, today?"
Finn: "It was awesome"
Dad: "What did you learn?"
Finn: "About Jesus"
Mom: "Oh, that's great Finn. Do you know where Jesus lives?"
Finn" Yes, mommy."
Mom: "Where?"
Finn "A beehive" (this was said with full confidence in his answer!)

After that, G and I couldn't stop laughing. Thanks Waumba Land! HA!

But on a serious note, Finn did tell us later that Jesus lives in his heart. So our church is making an impact on our almost 3 year old's heart. Grateful!

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