Monday, January 30, 2012

My sweet boy

So I have a sweet story about my boy that I just had to document. A mommy's boy already at 2 years old!

This morning I got Finn out of bed and dressed for the day. As we are walking out of his room, he looks at my feet and says "Mommy, feet cold?" I said "Well, I guess a little." To which he grabs my hand and says "Hold Finn's hand, Mommy." Then he walks me to my room and leads me right to my sock drawer. He opens it and hands me a pair of my slipper sock saying - "Here Mommy, here." So I said "Thank you, Finn" and I put them on. Then he says "Mommy, feet cold now?" I just shook my head and said, "no." And with that Finn said "You're welcome, Mommy...Mommy, Finn said you're welcome."

 I love that he was just taking care of me. He will make a good husband some day. But for now, I'm just enjoying my little mommy's boy!

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