Saturday, November 26, 2011

Taking Back the Twos!

Finn is officially entering what most call the "Terrible Twos." I am choosing not to refer to them as this. He has only lived 26 months and he is just discovering all about life. Basically, I'm declaring that I'm taking back the twos!

It is not easy. Especially when I don't have the hubs to help. He's WAY more patient and calm than I am. But I want to enjoy this year with Finn. I will do this by following these rules for myself:

  1. ALWAYS explain. We explain EVERYTHING to Finn. He's always asking and talking so we know he's curious. 
  2. We set expectations with him before going anywhere! That way when he freaks out, we leave and I can say I told him what I expected before. 
  3. Distractions. Yes, this has been a great one for him. When all else fails - distract so we don't have a tantrum on our hands in public.
  4. Last but not least, bribery - no I mean incentives. We let him know what's coming next if he acts appropriately. 
  5. Punishments - we have found time out and taking things away works the best for him.
And that's it. We will see how this works. Most of all, I go back to what my smart husband said today - "We most remember we are teaching him. Teaching him he can't have whatever he wants." It's responsibility - and I'm glad we get to teach him.

You moms/dads of twos - join me. And take back the twos!

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