Sunday, September 18, 2011

Part Four: Patience and Joy

"God will work through it all. Everything helps us to Him."

Do you ever wonder where God is? I have. But we live in a broken world. Bad things happen and they happen to good people. 
What we need to remember is no matter what our God will continue to work in us through every bump, every shattered dream, and every trial. And also that there is one bigger dream that God will fulfill in this life.

Joy. Unending joy. That's what Heaven will be like. It will be glorious to be there. But for now, we live here in this culture. 

In Shattered Dreams, Larry refers to our culture as deceived. And isn't that true. We all believe lies of the enemy daily. Whether it's allowing our mind to go into a constant state of worry. Or if it's making up a story in our head to make us upset with our kids or husband. We are still being deceived.

Bottom line - "we must grasp the truth of what God is now doing in our lives or we will miss the joy of Christianity."

Let's remember God is here. He is working through all the junk we go through. He's working on removing all the obstacles that keep us from true enjoyment of Him.

It takes time people. We all want things immediately. But not this. I will wait on my Lord. Will you?

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