Monday, September 19, 2011

Part Five: Shattered Dreams

"Only shattered dreams reveal the problem clearly, and only shattered dreams create a brokenness that helps us hate that attitude enough to give it up. Only shattered dreams help us feel appropriately impotent."

Through the brokenness we learn three important lessons. And I have listed them for you. I pray that we can see the joy Christ offers. The joy that can only come through suffering.

1- Broken people learn lessons they couldn't have learned otherwise. Larry Crabb says that"without trials, only spoiled brats would enter heaven. And that would turn heaven into hell."

2- In times that we don't feel the presence of God, we must know he is working.  "Seasons of personal suffering are opportunities for God to do His deepest work."

3- We need to know that as a Christian, it isn't always good to be blessed with the good things of life. Larry reminds us that "we fight three enemies: the world, the flesh, and the devil."

I hope this series of posts wasn't depressing. The book Shattered Dreams was a reality check for me. In good times, we praise God. In bad times, we are to hurt but also praise God. It is hard but we are to long for shattered dreams. Because our shattered dreams open us up to new dreams. Dreams that God has for us. 
I have one last quote to leave you with. And I pray that you will let the words wash over you. Spend time with God figuring out what your faith is like. Mine is continuing to grow. And I pray for God to do His will with my life. I pray that for you too.

"Knowing Jesus has been reduced to as one-time decisions that guarantees the chance to live in a perfect, pain-fee world forever."

Knowing Jesus isn't a one-time decision. It's a lifetime of a growing relationship. It starts with a decision to believe in Him but it grows as you chose daily.

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