Thursday, February 11, 2010

Being a mom

I love what this cartoon represents. Being a mom has many challenges. And there are many times Finn has been crying and I have wanted had to cry as well. But being a mom is the greatest experience in my life thus far. It has made me have a whole new perspective on life, God, my husband, family, and friends.

I have felt closer to God. I have a new found respect for God and how he feels about me. Unconditional love means something completely different to me now. My relationship with my husband has changed for the better. Not that anything was wrong before, its just like we work together like a well oiled machine. Both with the same goal in mind for our child and looking out for each other. I already knew he was my best friend and soul's mate but it's like we have gone to a new level.

Anyway, it's funny I knew all of these things would happen (from reading books like Sacred Parenting) and now that they have I am overjoyed. I love my new chapter in life and I know it will just keep getting better everyday.

These men make my life complete when they smile at me. I love you Gregory and Finn!

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Karin Coibion said...

You are an amazing mom Rachael! Keep enjoying the journey. Love you friend.