Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crafty friends and a sweet puppy!

I've come to realize I have some really crafty friends :) This was made by my friend Kim. Aren't these onesies and the burp clothe so cute! She made these for Baby Walkup and I absolutely love them, thanks Kim!

My good friend Karin come over a two weeks ago to help me get my nursery organized. When she was here, I tested our dog Savannah to see how she would do with a 1 yr old. She did awesome, once I gave her boundaries she was good to go. Here are some fun pictures of the two of them. We couldn't get a great one of the both of them-but we did get an adorable picture of David :)

Isn't David precious?

Wait David, stay right there! haha!

Great picture of David, but Savannah-look at the camera!

Savannah was in a trance and David didn't want to sit there anymore-oh well! :)

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Karin Coibion said...

So funny! Savannah did great with David. He absolutely loved her. Excited to see baby Walkup and Savannah interact :) C'mon baby Walkup, we are ready for ya!