Monday, February 9, 2009

My big opportunity is....


That's right, I have a child growing inside me! And just think all those days of freaking out over fear. Silly me! I wrestled with trying to decide when to post this on my blog, facebook, twitter, etc. But finally decided that this is a life and it deserves to be celebrated. Instead of keeping this miracle of God a secret, I decided to tell everyone. My main reason was prayer. I'd rather you be praying right now for this baby's development than you not knowing. So please join me in prayer for this sweet child of God!

And most importantly-PRAISE THE LORD! I've been waiting on Him to bless us with a child and I couldn't be more excited!


Meeshin' Around said...

Hey Rachael - I am SO happy for you guys - I struggled too with telling or keeping it in for the first trimester - but then decided to walk in Faith and believe that this life was in His hands and I would rather be walking through with lots of prayer than alone. Besides - it's MUCh more exciting to tell! Congrats - and I can't wait for updates!

Kristie said...