Thursday, December 25, 2008

Vegas trip with the Owens!!!

We took a random last minute trip to Las Vegas with some great friends. We enjoyed it so much that we might make it an annual trip. We were there from 12/18-12/23, stayed in the Flamingo right in the middle of the strip. It was AWESOME! The best part is we took money to spend on lunch, snacks, taxi rides, and a little gambling. We ended up coming home with more money that we brought. We were lucky on roulette, craps, and sports betting! Anyway-below are a few pictures...ENJOY!

Here's me and hubby just chilling at dinner :)
And this is the Owens, who we love very much!
Yup, Gregory and I met the real Elvis...haha...seriously, he was great!
This me and Kristen, or as I call her Dinny!
And the fours of us-outside Caesar's Palace!

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