Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've been thinking...

I had a breakthrough today. After coming back from Cambodia, I took a good hard look at my life. I realized a lot of things that I wanted to change. The things I wanted to change was stuff with work, home, and me. When I came home I had a new vision...I wanted everything to be different! A month after the trip and I was depressed. I wasn't sure what the problem was until today. I'm in this discipleship group and the leader has become quite the mentor to me. I met her for lunch today and was telling her all the stuff on my mind. And she in one sentence summed it all up for me! "Rachael, who's life are you investing in?". After I thought about it, I realized i'm not :( Starting today I will pray about starting a discipleship group of my own. I can't decide if I should just lead a group of ladies or college students or early 20's. All I do know is I do want to lead. And I have learned so much over the last 9 months that I need to pour that into other woman's lives. We will see what God reveals. And if you read this and say to yourself that you would be interested-let me know! God speaks to us in three ways...through His word, circumstances, and/or other people. I'm excited to see what He tells me to do.



Anonymous said...

good for you! i had been praying since the beginning of the year for someone to mentor. i have an amazing mentor and really felt called to pour into someone else.
i went to spain with some awesome people and made great friends. shaun and i went hiking with one of the guys from the trip and his girlfriend. the day after we hiked together, she emailed me and asked if i would want to meet with her and mentor her. how cool is God? i never met this girl before july, never knew i would go to spain this year, none of it. but God knew.
i'll be praying for clarity for you. keep me posted as the details unfold:)

Kristie said...

That is so cool Rachael!! I will be praying for you and if you come to the conclusion that you should be mentoring a group of 20-something women let me know ;)