Sunday, July 18, 2010

9 Months!!

This month opened up a WHOLE new world. Finn has moved to eating all table food. He has had lots of spanish food. So far he has loved rice and beans the most. He's also had veggie pizza, meatballs, quesadillas, and chicken poppy seed. There hasn't been anything he didn't like. I love that we have such a good eater. Hope he stays this way!

At his 9 month check up he was 21 lbs and 7 oz. Love my big boy. Seems like his weight gain is slowing down.

Finn is still a great sleeper. Taking two naps (10 and 2) and going to bed at 7:30. This month while we were out of town we only let him nap once during the day and he did great!

Wake Time
As I say almost every month, this month has been the most fun! He is crawling all over the place. And he just loves exploring our house. We have really child proofed downstairs so he can roam free. He has been cruising along the couches and even taken a few steps here and there. So I'm sure he will be walking soon!

Finn can pretty much fit in anything between 9-12 months now. He looks adorable in his little shorts and t-shirts. Really looking like a lil' boy these days.

Fun fact
I'm not sure if fun fact is the right title for this. Finn has had quite the month when it comes to growing.  He had 8 teeth pop through. Yes that's right, I said 8! So he now has a total of 10 teeth-that's 4 on the bottom and 6 on the top. I can hardly believe that the sweet gummy smile is going away.

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