Friday, May 28, 2010

8 months old!!!

We have officially moved towards 3 solid meals a day. Finn gets a bottle at 7 then breakfast after, lunch at 11 and then a bottle after, he has dinner around 5:30, and then he gets a nighttime bottle at 7.  This schedule has made things MUCH easier!

He was sick a few weeks ago, so we went to the doctor. He was weighed and came back as 20 lbs 2 oz! My goodness he is getting big! No wonder my back hurts from carrying him :)

He has moved to 2 naps a day-10 and 2. Lately he has been sleeping around 1 1/2 per nap. He also goes to bed around 7:30-8. And sleeps all night! As always he's a great sleeper!

Wake Time
Things have just gotten very exciting at the Walkup household. Finn has starting to crawl. He can go backwards and side to side. He can also army crawl to get things. This has made entertaining him a little more difficult because he doesn't like being restricted. His new favorite thing to do is roam around on the floor. So adorable!

Finn is wearing size 6-9 months now. His PJs are a size bigger. They have always run smaller in size. There's not too much fun with boys clothes. But I have enjoyed dressing him in plaid shorts and a cute tee shirt (as seen in his monthly picture).  He mostly just likes to be comfortable and I'm determined to let him go shoeless for as long as he can!

Fun fact
This past month Finn had 2 teeth pop through on the bottom. I'd love to give you a picture but Finn won't ever let me get a picture. Maybe one day! I have a video below of him playing with a magazine page. Oh the little things. I wish I could be so easily entertained!

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