Sunday, April 12, 2009

A BIG post...

Hello everyone,
I have so much stuff to talk about. I think it will take me a few days to write this post. I want to update my readers on a few things and also get some advice. So I hope you are ready. There's no telling how long this post will be :)

First things first, lots of things happening at work. Since December there has been a lot of change on our team. It's now April and finally no more changes. Out of the changes, we got a new team leader, lost a few team members, added a team member, and we all got more responsibility. So instead of speaking for everyone else-I'll just speak for myself. I got a promotion-basically, I replaced the person leadership promoted to be the IT Director. Now, I will be leading the support team. It's an awesome opportunity for me and I'm definitely up for the challenge. My position was replaced and the new hire starts on Wednesday next week. It will be weird for me not to serve the IT team as their assistant, but I know my replacement will do a perfect job.

Second, a few personal updates. We picked out the nursery furniture. I have pictures below. So, what do you think??? :)

And if you haven't seen what we picked out for the nursery bedding-here that is...
But I've decided the tan walls make it look more boy like. So, I'm going to paint the walls the pretty green color. I figured that can go either way better. And I do really think green is WAY BETTER than yellow :)

So what do you think???

OK, so i've updated you on work and nursery stuff. What else is there?

Lastly, I need some advice- Please comment and help me out, thanks a ton!

1-I cannot decide whether to take 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 weeks maternity leave. If the baby comes at the beginning of October, 12 weeks takes me through the rest of the year. But should I really miss that much work? We have an amazing weekday program that my lil' one will go to. Let me know your opinions, even if I don't know you-i'd really appreciate your opinion on what works for you, or what you wish you had done or hadn't done.

2-Maternity photos, to do or not to do? Whats your opinion? I have always not wanted to do them. However, i have seen some that very real cute-so now I can't decide.

3-What was your favorite part of being pregnant? I'm still struggling with stomach issues. They come and go, but it's starting to be annoying. I want to stay positive so I thought your stories would make me smile.

4-When was the first time you felt the baby move and what exactly did it feel like? Please be descriptive :) I know I should feel the babe soon, I want to know what I'm looking for!

Ok, I think thats all I have for now. Thanks for reading this long post. I have got to be better about writing. So I don;'t have massive posts like this one.

I love you all-


Brave China Doll said...

1. I am staying home of course, but I would take as much time off as possible. I would do the 12 weeks. Grant didn't sleep through the night (and by that, I mean 11-5:30 or 6) until 8 weeks pretty consistently. I can't imagine having to go back to work at that time because you are so exhausted. You may have a really good sleeper, but Grant still would cry out in the middle of the night and keep me
awake. And that time is so precious in the beginning!

By 12 weeks, you are more in a groove. Just my opinion. :-)

2.I did maternity photos and I am glad I did. I love that I documented that precious time. The experience of being pregnant only happens a few times in your life, and I am glad I captured it.

3. My favorite part was feeling him move and seeing my belly grow. Absolutely nothing like it. You are the only one who knows what that feels like and have it all to yourself. I also loved playing music on the iPod at night on my belly. Josh would hold the iPod on my belly and he would start kicking. Precious!

4. I felt him move for sure just a few days before I turned 20 weeks. It felt like bubbles kind of or like a little butterfly fluttering inside or a finger thumping me gently on the inside. I think I felt the bubbles around 14 weeks too, but very subtle. The kicks will get stronger as baby gets bigger.

Love the furniture! Congrats on the promotion!

Rachel Lindsey said...

Hey Girl!!! How are you feeling? How many weeks are you now? So my advice or experiences with three pregnancies... They have all been very different... with my first I was sick as a dog for a long time. I would have to say it got better at around 16 weeks or a little later. With my 2nd never threw up but was a little nauseous-nothing to complain about really. And with this one right in between the others... got sick a couple times and was pretty nauseous until about 12 or 13 weeks. I actually still get quite a few stomach aches through out the day but I have IBS and with this pregnancy I get a lot of flare ups and I have noticed I feel nauseous when he moves a lot! As for feeling them move- it was like a light switch with Jake. I felt nothing and then one day at around 19 weeks I felt him and always did after that. When I felt his first it was like tickles in my stomach- like butterflys- it would sometimes make me giggle a little. Dylan I felt early by 12 weeks and with this one I think I felt random movement if I was laying very still as early as 12 weeks but didn't fully start feeling movement until like 18 weeks! I would say by 20 weeks you will def be feeling something! And as for maternity pics- I didn't do any with the first two but now that I am a photographer and have a best friend who is one I am getting them this time around for sure! ANd let me tell you- I WANT to give you a session so that you can't turn down! So lets set something up for around 32-34 weeks!!!! Love you! Hope all this helps!

allison.russell said...

1. I say 12 weeks for sure. You will need that much time to get baby on a schedule that will be manageable for you. Maybe you can start to ease yourself back in to work around 8 weeks by coming in for a meeting or two or consistently checking your email, so it won't be such a shock. But you work at the most family friendly place-work, smurck-take the 12 weeks.

2. I did not take official maternity photos. Jason took some shots at home. I'm not sure if I wish I had done it. My stomach was not pretty AT ALL, so I would have been embarrassed in front of a photographer. I would highly recommend that if you do decide to have them done, do them at 7 months. Much after that, a pregnant belly is not pretty, but huge.

3. I actually didn't feel Garrett until about 22 weeks. I know you'll hate this, but trust me, you will know when it's the baby. The closest thing I can describe is that it's like gas pain, but that's not quite right either. It will be quite some time before Greg can feel it from the outside, which is a huge bummer. But it is absolutely the BEST part of being pregnant. It's your constant reminder that you're not alone and your little buddy is going strong in there. I have no desire to have more children, but I do miss my little peanuts moving around in there sometimes.
Also, I am 100% convinced that I felt Harper at 12 weeks. I know all the books say it's not possible, but I felt that girl. So if you're feeling stuff that you think may be it, you're probably right.
Love you sweetie! Congrats on the promotion!

EAJan678 said...

1. At least 9. I came back at 8 and I wish I would've taken at least one more week.
2. Totally yes on maternity photos. I love the one of me, mark, and baylor fully prego!
3. Favorite part was just feeling life grow inside of me.
4. I felt him move for the first time when I was on an interview lunch with Dan. I can't remember how many weeks I was but I remember exactly what it felt like. Felt like someone was sorta tickling my belly from the inside. It was very rhythmic and almost pattern-like. You'll know.
Congrats on the promotion! Who is the replacement? Love ya girl!!

Kristen said...

If I didn't know you better, I would think you were a bit of a planner. :)
1. I had 8 with Luke b/c of being a c-sxn and it was great. I was ready to come back.
2. I did belly pics, if not to remember that I really had grown a human in my stomach.
3. Feeling Junior move. It's my favorite thing that I wish you could recreate for later in life.
4. Around 20 weeks. I always liken it to a goldfish swimming in your stomach, like in cartoons.